Community Guidelines

Community Introduction & Guidelines

Quick Site Walkthrough (7 mins)


Group & Photo Guidelines (19 mins)

If you have any questions or comments please message me (James Maher) through the mailing icon above or through [email protected].

Please keep in mind that while I try to view every possible photograph and comment that I can on the site, there is only so much that I can keep up with. So if there is an important photo or comment that you want to make sure I see, or if you think I missed something, please tag me in the comment or under the photo using @james maher.

And please make sure to read The 10 Commandments of Commenting (and Posting).

Primary Guidelines

(All of the info below is talked about in the videos above) 
  1. Please start by watching the videos above. The first one gives you a broad overview about how this site is organized so that you can quickly take advantage of the various features.The second video may be the most important.  They will cover everything written below.
  2. Fill out the about section of your profile.
  3. You will be added to your new group of 20 photographers within 24 hours (and usually within a handful). Once you are added, please click on Members and friend the members in your group. Your group moderator will have a green checkmark next to their name. James will often be the moderator in early groups until the group is settled and a moderator is chosen.
  4. Create an album in your group to introduce yourself! Add around 7 photos that speak to who you are and what you’ve done so far. Remember to add the album to your group, rather than on your own profile. Click on the “Group Photos” to get started.
  5. Comment! Tell us how you feel about our photos. There is a Comment and Critiquing Guide in the Inspiration tab if you need some advice.
  6. When you have the time, go through the Inspiration panel and check out the resources. New posts and resources are added frequently.
  7. You might consider regularly checking your group’s “Stream,” to see what your fellow members have been posting.

If you have any questions or issues, please message James Maher on the site. You can also message your moderator if the question or comment seems more pertinent for them or post in the Conversations Forum.

Now grab your camera, get out the door, and show us what you can do!


James Maher and the Close to Home Photo Salon team