Light and an Old Lens – Inspiration, Dec 6th

Coldest day of my life, Central Park, Feb 19th 2015.

(*Don’t forget – the Salon ‘Meet and Greet’ is this Weds at 8pm Eastern time. You can find the links to login on the events page. The event will be recorded and posted as well.)


The first thing I want to talk about is light. We all know how important the right light is for photography, but I think this fact is even more pronounced in winter.

The quality of the right winter light, particularly during sunset, twilight, sunrise, and overcast days can be the most gorgeous time of year to shoot. And particularly when it’s tougher capturing people and certain types of photos that come about during the warmer months, I think timing your exploring with the right light is the key to taking spectacular shots during winter.

There’s just rarely a more beautiful time to capture your surroundings.

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Inspiration, Nov 29th

I hope you all (or the Americans at least) had as wonderful a Thanksgiving as possible given the circumstances. I’m also going to announce a Zoom meet and greet for a couple weeks from now (probably Dec 8th or 9th at 8pm), so keep an eye out for that.

I’m still a little beat up but improving finally and managed my first photo walk in three weeks, which felt amazing. Even cold and quiet days where you don’t come back with a great keeper are so important. I feel like I probably come back with a true keeper every 5-7 medium length walks that I do. Obviously, the hit rate is higher on bigger photo days, but the important thing, particularly during winter is to enjoy the walk and try not to think too hard about getting the best photo of your life.

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Challenge #1 – Dreamlike

Photo of the Month – Niels Krarup Jessen

So heading into a dreary winter (for most of us), I wanted to create an interesting month-long challenge.

The challenge is going to be called Dreamlike. For those of you who want to participate, the idea is to create new work (no old work) that has a dreamlike feel, and also keeping within the Close to Home theme or any area you frequent as part of your daily life.

You can take this in any direction you want. Dreamlike photos can be tack sharp and colorful. They can be dreamlike because of the scenes and objects or people in the photographs, or they can be dreamlike because of the look of the photos as well. You can use blur, black and white, you can make things more abstract, take detail shots, or take strange shots within your home. The sky is the limit with this challenge.

I also want to share two photographers that have done this extremely well.

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Inspiration – Sun, Nov 15th

Hey everyone,

So this is the first of the inspiration posts. I’m not sure if I’ll continue this in written or video form but for now, we’ll do written because I’m dealing with a bacterial infection from food poisoning (thankfully not COVID) and you do not want to see me on video! Once these insane antibiotics wear off, I’ll set up a date for a Zoom meeting for those who want to attend.

There are still 13 people we’re waiting on to fill the beta, but I think about half of those will sign up soon and I’ll consider that fully stocked. Make sure to go through your group and friend everyone in them. 

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